Romania (2015)

Only about 6% of the population in Romania professes to be evangelical Christians.

While I was on a mission to Romania, where I had the privilege to preach the glorious life changing gospel of Jesus Christ.  I was accompanied by my friend PJ Meduri (Taking the Field Ministries). When we arrived at the airport, we were warmly received by our brother in Christ - Daniel Rus. We spent the first night in the city of Cluj-Napoca.  The next morning we drove to Gherla Prison where we were met with guards after we went through the security measures to enter. While walking down the hallway it suddenly became real to me that we’re truly going to visit some of those who are perhaps the hardest criminals in Romania. One guard passed us wearing a mask. All the guards carried weapons, but one of them wore a mask to protect his identity. Daniel later informed us that he was serving in an area with the most hardened of prisoners and needed to mask himself for protection. 

As we walked by the prisoners down the winding hallway, we arrived at a small room with tables and chairs. The door was closed behind us as we waited and I remember praying to myself about what would happen next. The doors opened and the prisoners began to file into the room. In total we had 32 men join us and 20 of those men made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ at the invitation and prayer.

An important aspect of the prison events is that we only invited the prisoners who did not have anyone to visit them. At these events, we provided them with gift packages that consisted of dental, hygiene, shaving, and other products that are much needed. It was fascinating to look into their eyes and see God at work. The toughest man with the hardest heart may be lonely and hurting inside. He is in need of the deep penetrating message of Christ. It is truly the power of God unto salvation.

This was the first event out of eight that we conducted. The events consisted of three prisons, a disabled person’s event, ladies, couples, and two youth events. Every opportunity was unique and powerful. These outreaches were held in three different towns in the Transylvania region of Romania.

We had 277 believers bring 365 guests to attend the outreaches and hear the Gospel. In the end we recorded 198 people making a first time profession of faith in Jesus Christ. PJ and I have partnered together before in Africa where we’ve proclaimed the Gospel to thousands of people. But I find through these smaller outreaches, we have the opportunity to meet and pray with individual people. This is an aspect of ministry that I enjoy very much