Kilimanjaro Experience (2012)

Mkuu Rombo, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (Africa)

We held an historic event with the first time the churches worked together in that district. We had about 7000 in attendance, and over 495 professions of faith at the invitations. (We did not collect cards the first two nights, and did not count the children who came forward). Even though we had smaller numbers, we saw tremendous spiritual stronghold break through. The last couple of nights, more people were attending, the district was talking about what was going on, the government officials and churches, even others that didn't participate this time has invited us back. We had salvations (professions of faith at the invitations), many testimonies of healing, and more than I have ever seen demonic activity. I even had a guy throw a rock at me while I was preaching. It was a slow ball, and thankfully missed the target "me".