Jesus and Camila


I want to share with you a story of a precious little girl named Camila. Please see how God worked in her life, her body, and her family. And let’s be sure to give our great God all the glory and praise. 

This is the story of Jesus and Camila…

I normally take four to five pre-trips a year for training and planning our Missions Week and Outreach Festivals. The Paquera Festival was held this past February, and our last pre-trip training was in December. As always, we visit people the pastors identify as most in need. Normally, we will take groceries, school supplies, and gifts for children to these families. Also, we listen to their hearts, we share the gospel, and we pray for them. On this visit I went to a family that didn’t have very much in material things. I remember as we approached their home and I met them outside they seemed desperate, hurting, and broken. Then I found out why. They have a little girl; her name is Camila and she had been diagnosed with cancer. Her father and mother were in tears. They told us they didn’t have the money to get Camila back to the city where the doctors could perform an operation or administer chemotherapy. I knew I wasn’t in a position to help them financially. We laid hands on Camila and prayed to God for healing. We called upon the name of Jesus, and we believed with all the faith we know how that He would heal this precious little girl. She is shy, but she kept staring at me with those big brown beautiful eyes.

Now fast forward to our Festival in February. Camila’s family made a special effort to attend the Festival, and they found me in the crowd. As they approached, I noticed the father and mother with big smiles on their faces. At first, I didn’t realize who they were, but then my interpreter reminded of this family. They told us they had finally been able to take Camila to the city and the doctors gave her a check up to prepare for surgery or chemotherapy. However, God had another plan. The doctors came back with a surprising diagnosis. The doctors were stunned as they couldn’t find any sign of cancer in her body. Yes, God had healed Camila, and God also healed the broken hearts of this family. All glory to the name of Jesus, He still saves and heals today.

Many of you may read this story and feel as if God hasn’t worked in your situation, or your loved one’s life. Perhaps you’ve been asking for healing, or provision, or salvation of a lost loved one, and you’ve prayed for a long time. I understand how you feel, I’ve been there. God doesn’t always work the same in everyone’s situation. I cannot explain why He healed Camila (I’m glad He did) but may not have healed others. All I know is that we can never give up. Our role is to pray in faith, ask, and believe.

Also, I encourage you (and myself) to never run from God, to always trust His love for us and our families and friends. Press into Jesus by faith and never let go. If He doesn’t heal our problems the way we hope, remember He may just be healing our hearts and allowing us to grow in our intimacy with Him. I’ve heard it said; “He may calm the storm that is outside, or He may only calm the storm inside of you.”

Jesus loves you, never doubt it!