Crusade and Pastor Seminar (2011)

Chillakallu, South India

 I worked with Pastor Prabhudas Papabathini of New Hope Ministries.

Results: 180 attended the pastor’s conference. Some 7500 attendance at our 2 day festival/crusade. Over 1500 professions of faith in Jesus Christ. Chillakallu is a small village town of about 12,000 people. South India is predominately Hindu in religion; Muslim is second, Christians are a minority. Many who attended the crusade were from Hindu and Muslim backgrounds. Prayed for healing of the sick at the end of the crusade, prayed for thousands (hours long). Received testimonies of 3 healings: One lady healed of back pain and was bent over for 10 years, now walking straight. One woman's son had left home 3 months prior, he returned home and the family restored and healed. One lady with a kidney infection for 2 years was healed as reported by her doctor.